Collective Worship

At St. Pius X RC Primary School, collective worship is crucial to the spiritual life of our school and to our children’s moral and spiritual development. Taking part in daily collective worship helps build community cohesion by providing our school with a consistent structure. Collective worship is crucial in developing a way for children to develop a relationship with Christ and come to know him better.

Throughout the year, the community of St. Pius X RC Primary School comes together to celebrate important events in the Church’s calendar, such as Lent and Advent. Through regular prayer and worship, including Mass, the rhythm of the Church’s year is a part of school life.


Collective worship and assembly timetable


  Who? When? 
 Monday Whole school collective worship  9:10am 
 Tuesday  Class worship
To be decided by adults
working in each class 
Whole school collective
worship - led by an individual
class or prayer group
 Thursday  KS1 Class worship
To be decided by the children
and adults working in each class
 Friday KS2 Afternoon class worship  2:50 pm
Friday Celebration Assembly 2:05pm


"Outstanding whole school liturgy." (Michelle Ryan, Denominational Inspector)